The Silver Apple Project it's a trip... both mentally and phisically! Everything turn around the main subject of these shots, the Apple, that is covered with alluminium paper to take the sense of a mirror. Actually, the Apple isn't in all the photos... and that's because the trip is not made by the fruit itself, but it's me following her in every place she decides to bring me. 

Yes, I wrote she... because it isn't just an apple anymore. It's a metaphorical expression of ourselves, born and raised in a place that sometimes we like, sometimes not. With our fears, our desires, our special moments, good or bad. The Silver Apple is not a fruit, I can't even say if it's real. But...


Me, you and everybody else who is reading this page and these words here can't be nothing but a human... 


And as humans we all have the natural desire of discovering, travel, explore... such as the Silver Apple do, reflecting the reality in her own way, maybe distorted, but always looking at everything around with the most sincere eyes. 

The Trip will probably end with me in a future, but until that moment, when I'll stop or I'll tecide that it's enough, it will continue to exist and to give me the strenght to discover again, inside and outside me. Take it as a psycological project and a constant temptation of escaping... not from this world, not from myself, but from all the cages that during the years I built in my mind. The Silver Apple Project is here to remind me that there's always something more, probably unseen, that can astonish and be as real as the reflections, filtered by her body.


© 2015 by Luca Adami

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