We are Luca & Lucas, and this is the space where we sell ourselves piece by piece, at reasonable prices.​

In the top menu, or in the + menu if you are using the phone, you will find links to our works. We have chosen to call ourselves Creative Artist to explain what we do, even though we know how weird it sounds. The reason is lost in the depths of memory.

Over time we learned to explain it like this:

  1. a creative can also be an artist, while an artist is definitely a creative

  2. both create something, but the artist perceives the creature as a son while the creative use to sell it

  3. the best creative organizes his work, instead the best artist lives it in a struggling way.​​​


Is that a way of saying that the artist is worth more?

Absolutely not. It’s just rarer and messier.

​Where do you fit into this pattern?

Thanks to (or due to) a borderline personality, there is balance between the two elements, sometimes with good results, other times burning the work in progress.

Do you feel happy? Or do you both feel happy?

Buy a book and you’ll get a smiling picture of both of us.



Always try to follow your dreams, keep them alive in the dusty moments and remember that you're here to be free.



When you have a natural smile the people will know that you are the right person to hold more closer to them.



Go on traveling, even with your mind, towards new places and discovering everything is good in this small world.